• Elcometer Film Thickness Meter

Elcometer Film Thickness Meter

The first brand of the global anti-corrosion industry
Thickness gauge
Model : 456

● The basic function of elcometer: measuring magnetic metal (iron, steel), non-magnetic metal plating and paint coating.

● When the equivalent measurement is valid, it has the test indicator light and the sound or buzzer function. The LCD digital display screen is backlit. The touch button corresponds to the display operation. It can be displayed with the indication of the display screen and its changing symbol, digital or graphic. Change and correspond to the operation.

● Range: 0 - 1500 μm (maximum to 25mm depending on the probe).

● The statistical function includes: test points, average value, maximum value, minimum value, standard deviation, and standard deviation rate.

● It can be connected to any measuring probe of various wired and wireless measurement ranges.

● 32 languages can be switched at will.

● Measure 70 points per minute.

● The operating program can indicate the next action on the display screen. The function of the four buttons changes with the symbols and icons of the display.

● Meets ASTM B 499,

BS 5411-11,

BS 3900-C5-6Aa,

BS EN ISO 1461,

DIN 50981,

ISO 2178,

ISO 2808-6Aa,

EN ISO 19840,

ASTM D 1400,

ASTM B 244,

BS 5411-3,

BS 3900-C5-6Ba,

BS 5599,

DIN 50984,

ISO 2360,

ISO 2808-6Ba,

ASTM E 376.

● Mobile phone operation film thickness gauge.

● Ergonomic curved shape.

● Can be connected to a computer, statistical analysis memory function.

● Three levels are available.

● The model is magnetic and non-magnetic due to the substrate.

● LED backlight, LCD screen, automatic rotation screen.

● IP64 waterproof and dustproof.

● Complies with ASTM, ISO, BS, EN, DIN.

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