• Digital Sandblasting Roughness Meter, Roughness Meter

Digital Sandblasting Roughness Meter, Roughness Meter

The first brand of the global anti-corrosion industry
Model : 224

● The measurement results are fast, accurate and reproducible.

● Built-in 30 languages (including Chinese).

● IP64 waterproof function, waterproof and dustproof.

● Color bright screen, continuous LED backlight screen, solvent resistant, automatic screen rotation.

● USB computer power supply.

● Data output USB is connected to the computer.

● With a protective cover.

● With the original factory calibration report.

● The maximum range is 500 um with an accuracy of ±5%.

● More than 50 data can be measured per minute.

● The last 5 points of data can be stored.

● Two standard pieces and calibration report are attached.

● Complies with ASTM D4417-B, SABS 772.

● Statistics on the screen (maximum, minimum, average, standard deviation, coefficient of variation)

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